Food for street children

Food for street children

The plight of street children in Bangladesh 

A deeply concerning issue is now becoming more apparent than ever and that is the plight of street children in Bangladesh. Children are amongst the most vulnerable, having not had stability and a safe environment to live in, suffering day in and day out with the basics such as food & water. Help us to help them and feed these children who are in desperate need to survive.

With many millions still requiring food aid across the world more action is needed in helping Bangladeshi street children who are exposed to great risks of neglect. There are approximately 4 million street children in Bangladesh and all of them lack any access to education, food and healthcare.

How you can help

Onudhan is committed to providing a more hopeful and brighter future for these children. Onudhan is already well established in Bangladesh where efforts have seen us helping provide shelter, food, water and educational training to those who are in desperate need of our help; through the generous efforts of our donors we have been able to make this possible.