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A passionate group of people who wishes to inspire a nation and beyond. Onudhan is an educational voluntary organization that originated from Bangladesh. Onudhan has been operated by 40 professionals and with help of thousands of volunteers. Our mission is to globally foster philanthropic works. By designing innovative and inspiring programs, our goal is to engage students and professionals to work together to educate, empower and lift the underprivileged. One of our endeavors is to provide free education, educational materials and support. We have established libraries and a printing press for original publications.
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Our Mission

Provide support to underprivileged section of the society specially extreme poor/ homeless and orphan children through quality education ,nourishment & shelter to make them resources for the nation.


We want to inspire a nation with food. Best relation can be created through sharing food.


To become a national treasure by offering free education to children and orphans


To deliver free medicines and health care to underprivileged people

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Onudhan is always with you at any crisis in Bangladesh to help and support you.


Onudhan will be proud to have you as a volunteer.


Support us by your donations to create a better future.

Sponsor A Child

Empowering children for a bright future

Children need your support, urgently. Kindly donate with an open arm and let us help the most vulnerable. You will be supporting children in Bangladesh and also around the world through our sister projects in North America and South America.


Latest Projects

Let's fight against COVID-19

Onudhan has begun its Emergency COVID-19 campaign to fight against Coronavirus to the most vulnerable people in Bangladesh: the poor, disabled, jobless, hungry, elderly, and orphans. We are attempting to distribute food among 500,000 people. We are all completely acknowledged about the poor socio-economic condition of Bangladesh.COVID-19 has made the situation even worse by putting an already poverty stricken population on lockdown where accessibility to nutritional food, drinking water, products which are necessary to maintain hygienic life-style, medicines and other daily commodities are scarcer day by day. This project is addressing to cope up with the emergency need with distribution of survival kits to thousands of people who need it most.


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